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  • Booking My First Solo Trip With Trek America

    4th Nov 2019 by

    This post contains links to outside websites but all views are my own and I’ve not received any form of payment for this post – however if Trek America wants to hit me up then I’m down! In 2012, I travelled alone for the first time. I cannot explain how much of a big deal… Read more

  • Film Review – Joker

    21st Oct 2019 by

    Quick disclaimer: all views are my own, there’s no affiliate links and I haven’t received any kind of payment for this post. I also don’t really have any idea what I’m talking about in regards to films. In general, I’m not a huge superhero/villain film fan. Contraversial, I know, I’m not even really sure why… Read more

  • First AirBnb Experience: A Weekend In Bath

    6th Oct 2019 by

    Nothing beats a road trip with friends. We were at our local McDonald’s around 10am for the mandatory road trip breakfast stop. From there, we had roughly 3 or 4 hours to get to Bath, so a fairly long drive but nothing major. I was thankful that it wasn’t too long, as I’m not a… Read more

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