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Autumn and Halloween 2020 Lush Haul

A bit like scented candles, Lush bath bombs are an all year round affair for me, but I can’t deny that they really are best enjoyed in autumn and winter. The Halloween collections never disappoint, and then it’s only a matter of time before the Christmas collection comes out!

I haven’t treated myself to any Lush products in a while so when the 2020 Halloween collection came out, I felt it was only right that I treated myself! Here’s what a picked out:

Bat Art bath bomb

Lush says: “Be spellbound by this bat bath bomb. Full of bath-art worthy surprises, deep glittery waters await with a fresh, herbal scent that lingers.”

I gave this one a try this week and was not disappointed. The water turned deep purple and shimmery… as did I when I got out of the bath! (Shimmery that is, not purple)

It’s quite a fresh smell but still has an autumnal tone. It’s an easy 10/10 from me.

Very Very Frightening shower gel

Ok I have a confession… I rarely buy anything from Lush that’s not a bath bomb, or the odd bubble bar. I have had a couple of shower gels before but generally, I stick with the bath bombs… no real reason, I’ve just not ventured in to using much else. However, I’d like to give more of their products a try, and I have to say the bright yellow colour of this one made me very curious!

I can confirm… it’s just as bright when you open it, it almost feels like you’re using paint! I’ve only used it once but definitely like it, the scent is very citrusy which is something I like for a morning shower as I feel like it’s a refreshing way to start the day.

Lush says: “Embrace your sweet side with this bold, uplifting shower gel. Containing fresh lemon and fig juice, it is palm oil and SLS free, plus it’s vegan!”

Monster’s Ball bath bomb

An old favourite of mine and I didn’t need to use it last night to tell you it’s a 10/10… but I did anyway!

Monster’s Ball is one of those bath bombs that puts on a show in the water. Bright pink and blue shoot out to leave the bath a gorgeous shade of purple… and it smells like heaven!

Lush says: “With this monstrously pink Halloween bath bomb, you’re ready for a ball. Full of uplifting neroli, toning olibanum, and cleansing lime oil.”

They’re not wrong!

Bewitched bubble bar

I haven’t used this yet this year but I have done in the past and I’m excited to use it again, mainly because… the water turns black! It doesn’t get more Halloween than that.

Lush says: “This friendly feline will boost your luck with blackberry scented bubbles and plastic-free glitter. Perrrfect for packaging-free bathing.”

I’m so ready for it!

Ghost in the Dark soap

I don’t have a home for this little guy yet so I haven’t tried him out… but look how cute! How could I say no to soap in the shape of a ghost!

Lush says: “A handmade soap with refreshing lemongrass and uplifting bergamot oils, and it glows in the dark!”

It GLOWS in the DARK! Enough said!

Pumpkin Pumpkin bath bomb

I’ve also had this one before and I’d say it’s my least favourite out of the Halloween bath bombs, but it’s still worth it before that cute little face!

Lush says: “Watch this Halloween favourite glide round the surface, releasing bright, mood enhancing citrus oils as it goes.”

I think the reason this one is my least favourite is because it’s very citrus-y and I go to those scents to wake me up, which isn’t what I’m having a bath for! But hey, that’s just me, I’d still give this one a solid 8/10!

Pumpkin Patch knot wrap

I’ll admit that I’m a bit clueless on what to do with a knot wrap but I saw this one, I had to have it and will use the suggestions from Lush for sure. I’ll most likely use it as a headband but I was curious to see if perhaps it can be made in to a face mask!

Oh it’s made from recycled plastic too!

Lord of Misrule bath bomb

I’ve possibly saved the best for last here, as this one is a definite firm favourite! Patchouli GALORE… oh and you think it’s green but guess what? The water turns red!

Lush says: “A Halloween bath bomb with a spicy blend of patchouli and black pepper. A deep green exterior froths away to rich wine coloured waters.”

12/10 from me!

Have you bought or tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments!

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5 Tips For The Ultimate Cosy Night In

I know it’s nice to go out in the evenings, especially in the summer when it’s still warm as the sun goes down… but that doesn’t mean there’s not something to be said for a super cosy night in, as the weather gets colder and the nights get darker.

That being said, it looks like we’re all going to have a lot more nights at home for the foreseeable anyway, so here are some of my suggestions for the ultimate cosy night in!

1. Have a nice hot bath

Let’s start the evening with something super relaxing: a hot bubble bathTreat yourself to a bath bomb to make it nice and special. Stay tuned for my Lush Halloween haul, the best time of year for bath bombs in my opinion.

Photo by Burst on

2. Get comfy

Cosy and comfy just go hand in hand really, don’t they?! My go to comfy clothes are really old and tatty pyjamas, but I’m very tempted to treat myself to some cute new loungewear for the upcoming colder months! I’m slightly obsessed with this set from Nasty Gal, which might not exactly be family friendly but that’s ok with me!

Sorry mum…

Depending on how cold it is, you might also want some cosy slippers or fluffy socks – I personally love a pair of Primark fluffy socks in the winter!

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Why not throw some cosy blankets in there too for good measure!

3. Snacks and hot drinks

Now, if you’re a bit of a food lover like me then the perfect snacks for the occasion are of utmost importance! Depending on the sort of night in you’re having, you might just go for something like popcorn and sweets… which is great, but if you’re going for the full works then you may as well get a takeaway in! Personally, I’d go for a Chinese or a pizza… if you’re not as lazy as me then maybe you’ll make some food yourself of course, but I for one, am no good at cooking!

Photo by Sarah Dietz on

4. Mood lighting

Light your room of choice up however you prefer… I’m a bit weird and like to have lots of light but for the sake of the ultimate cosy night, I’m going to assume that you’re more inclined to prefer a darker room like most people I talk to! Whichever way you prefer, I also recommend lighting some candles to get those extra cosy vibes too! Check out my recent post on my current autumn candle collection for some suggestions.

5. Have a selection of films or a series to binge

Let’s set the scene now… you’ve got your comfiest ever clothes on, wrapped up like a little burrito in blankets, the Dominos has just arrived… and now you can settle in to watch your favourite series on Netflix (or whatever streaming service you prefer, or your favourite film – am I the only one who has DVDs these days?!)

My current favourite for a cosy night in is Once Upon A Time on Netflix. Either that or whatever new crime documentary is about. If I’m up for a film then I have quite a varying taste, but next on my re-watch list is Rocketman! I could write a whole other post about how much I love that film but maybe I’ll save that for another day… Harry Potter is also of course ALWAYS an autumn classic!

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

I hope you’re feeling extra cosy now! Let me know in the comments what else you like to do for a nice, cosy night in ❤

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First AirBnb Experience: A Weekend In Bath

Nothing beats a road trip with friends. We were at our local McDonald’s around 10am for the mandatory road trip breakfast stop. From there, we had roughly 3 or 4 hours to get to Bath, so a fairly long drive but nothing major. I was thankful that it wasn’t too long, as I’m not a great passenger unfortunately, but also a nervous driver – not much of a winning situation, I can assure you! Luckily, we only hit one patch of traffic, on the M25 of course, and one other pit stop, so it wasn’t that late when we arrived at our destination.

Nimlet is in Chippenham, so not technically in Bath, but not far. The AirBnb, Nimlet Cottage, is along a busy main road, which was a little unnerving at first but not a big issue for us. We had already decided we loved the cottage, just from the outside.

Inside was even better. After parking up, we entered through a side door and straight in to the kitchen. The smell of fresh bread greeted us, which pleased my carb-loving soul immensely! Not only had we been left some lovely fresh bread, but also a jar of some strawberry jam, eggs, milk and a bottle of processco! The little touches were endless as we explored our home for the weekend. The decor was extremely homely, with fresh flowers in every room. I felt like I would never want to leave, I could picture staying there forever… or at least decorating the new house in the same styles. We may not have the keys yet, but the wannabe interior designer in me is already at work.

After getting a food shop done and having a realxed dinner, we got ready for a night on the town. This is when the rain came. We tried not to let it deter us, but when we arrived at the first bar, Opium, we were definitely a little soggy and there were no seats. We held out for a while though and our luck changed, we had a table and were able to soak up the atmosphere. The walls were deep red, with eclectic decor and painted ceilings. Incense was burning and groups of people of all ages, buzzed at the tables, with old rock tunes playing in the background. It was all very cosy, which was great, but after a long drive we needed a bit of waking up. So after a couple of drinks at Opium, we made our way in to the fresh air to find somewhere new. The rain had passed momentarily so we wandered for a short while to The Canary Gin Bar. We all tried a different gin drink and they were all lovely – mine even had rose petals in as a cute finishing touch. The intention was to have one drink there and continue on, while the night was young. I’ll be honest though, I was not feeling so young by this point, three drinks in and I was ready for bed!

The rain came again, much harder this time. We had no idea where to go, and when we did try to get in somewhere, we were turned away as one of the group was wearing trainers. Note: The Slug and Lettuce have a dress code after 6pm, no matter the weather! We ended up ducking in doorways, which certainly had not been the plan – it was time to call it a night. Getting a taxi from the city centre in the pouring rain was not exactly straight forward and for a short while, I felt like we’d never make it back to our cosy cottage…

After an eternity though, and a mildly terrifying taxi ride, we made it back. Midnight snacks and then bed. It hadn’t been the big night out we intended, but it had been lovely nonetheless.

The next day, we took it easy. I can never sleep in a different bed, away from home, so was grateful to have a late start, followed by a hearty English breakfast. It was aroud 1pm by the time we eventually went out, the only time to start your day on a Sunday if you ask me.

We played crazy golf, which took up most of the afternoon. I had a strong start but didn’t even come close to winning. I highly recommend the course at Victoria Falls for a chilled bit of fun. By the time we finished, breakfast had well and truly settled and we were now ready for something more. A local pub close to the cottage came highly recommended and so we headed there with high hopes. The food and customer service did not disappoint at The Bull At Hinton. We shared some appetisers – pork crackling and halloumi sticks – drank more gin, and ate to our hearts content. Sunday roast, fish and chips, even the chicken salad there was hearty.

We had a lovely relaxing evening back at Nimlet Cottage, watching Mrs Doubtfire and eating pudding. The evenings are getting chillier now and so we attempted to make use of the log burner, to no avail. Apparently, I would not make a competent guest of Bear Grylls, so blankets had to make do instead.

The next morning, we started earlier in order to get packed and out of the cottage on time for the 11am checkout. We were very sad to leave the cottage behind and would most definitely love to return if ever in the area again. We weren’t ready to actually go home yet though so headed in to the city to Thermae Bath Spa, a must do while in Bath.

Rather then pay full price for a spa day, we opted for an hour and a half option as it was much cheaper. We didn’t know what to expect at all, so when were escorted to The Cross Bath, away from the main spa, we were extremely and pleasantly surprised. I definitely recommend if you’re a little short on time or want something a bit different. It was daunting at first, as tourists peered through the windows of the bath so we feared we may be watched, but the windows close and so we enjoyed a totally private session in the open-air thermal bath. I shold note, I think it was luck that we ended up with a private session – prices online advertise paying extra for exclusive use, so I assume it was a case of no one else had booked the same time slot as us, result!

After all the relaxing, we were starving! Pizza Express was calling us, don’t tell me those dough balls aren’t the best. Once we had full bellies, we then headed to our last activity before we really did have to head home. The one thing that can’t be skipped when visiting Bath, The Roman Baths of course. There’s a reason the tourists flock here, everything has been so well preserved that you can just picture so clearly the Romans roaming around, as if it was yesterday. I also discovered that they do weddings and am now working on convincing my boyfriend that we simply must get married in Bath… we’ll see how well that goes. The Baths really are beautiful though and I would say you really have to see it to experience it, especially if you’re a lover of history.

When we left, we were caught in the rain yet again. The drive home was going to be long, but at least we had our memories to keep us going…