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Life As A Musical

Ok, hear me out… real life should be more like a musical. I’m sure there are some people wh aren’t keen on musicals who will disagree, but honestly, wouldn’t it be amazing waking up to a big musical number to start your day?! Think, ‘Good Morning Baltimore’ from Hairspray. I’d love nothing more than to start my mornings feeling the way Nikki Blonsky does, full enthusiam and ready to take on anything.

It genuinely upsets and offends me that I can’t sing… or dance for that matter. Although perhaps it’s for the best, as I can tell you for sure I would probably drive everyone mad, incessantly singing and twirling and leaping. There are some unlucky souls that have seen me at my most comfortable, singing or dancing away and I’m sorry if you’re one of them!

I really do feel that every day life would do no harm from having huge musical numbers and flashmob style dance routines.

My day to day is generally quite mundane and routine, but on my morning drive to work, I listen to musical soundtracks and can almost picture the pedestrians I’m passing by, dancing and twirling away. I’d sing something about slaving away day to day, pouring myself a cup of ambition à la Dolly Parton, ‘9 to 5’. (Now that’s a musical I’m dying to see!)

The hours at work pass by painfully slow. I can imagine singing and lamenting, wishing the days away so I can make it to the weekend. Perhaps I might have to deal with someone difficult and there would be a tense, punchy number or I could bellow out a tune like Barbara Streisand’s ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’.

On my way home, I like to listen to motivating tracks like ‘Defying Gravity’ and ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’ and I’m lifted up again, my brain once again filled with show-stopping dance routines. As the week progresses , I’m more and more excited about the drive home. I can almost picture a complitation-style scene of each drive home, my face more and more beaming until Friday rolls around and I get out of the car at home, my boyfriend would greet me and we’d perform a fabulous finale dance rountine. Something memorable and catchy like ‘We Go Together’ at the end of Grease. The end, a lovely happy ending.

It’s impossible to choose a favourite musical, it completely depends on the kind of mood I’m in. I have to say though, in case you hadn’t picked up on it, I’m currently really enjoying the Hairspray soundtrack again, having not seen the film or theatre show in years. The songs completely lift me up, as cheesy as that sounds, because I know it does, but it’s so true. I always feel inspired and if I’m ever in a bad mood or upset in anyway, that soundtrack is one that can totally cheer me up. In fact, it’s great to drive to as I tend to suffer with road rage and a super upbeat cheery show song sorts me right out!

On the flip side, another favourite soundtrack of mine is Les Misérables. Quite frankly though, it makes me sob, no matter what. If real life were a musical, you likely wouldn’t want it to be this one, as beautifal as it is.

Music for me really has that ability to completely transform my mood. It’s like I can really feel the music, all of it. I’m sure it all sounds daft but I think I reason I prefer musical soundtracks is the rawness, you can hear the feeling behind the music of the band as well as the emotion behind the singing.

The reality is though, musicals aren’t at all like real life, which is perhaps why they’re so great. It’s far too impractical for everyone to sing to each other day to day, for reahearsed but somehow spontaneous dance routines, for ballads to help you make that life changing decision. Reality is mundane daily routines, sprinkled with every day magic, such as listening to soundtracks that we love and that epic Friday feeling.

I can still daydream though…

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