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Film Review – IT: Chapter Two

I will start by saying that I am in no way, shape or form, a film critic, and I also generally like most films. Horror is definitely my favourite genre though and I’m certainly more critical or horror films, because let’s face it – modern horrors are not always that great. That being said, I could not have been more excited for ‘IT’ in 2017 and I was not disappointed.

I loved ‘IT’ so much, that I saw it three times at the cinema. To me, the whole thing was perfection.

The last time that I went to see it at the cinema, the experience was tainted by a couple sat next to me. They were on their phones the entire time and talking loudly the whole way through about how crap they thought the film was. They were both incredibly arrogant and were just “those types” of people, who had nothing good to say and were die hard fans of the original ‘IT’ and Tim Curry’s portrayal of Pennywise. I will say, I have not seen this version. I just never got round to it, and that’s all there is to say about that.

The couple complained that the 2017 version wasn’t at all scary and that any of the “scare” scenes were just stupid. I was getting more and more annoyed throughout the film as I felt they missed the point. You know when you really love something and someone else complains about it, it’s like a personal insult right?!

The final straw was when the film ended and the words came up: “Chapter One”. So, you know there’s going to be a sequel. The couple groaned loudly as if a sequel was unnecessary. Now, bare in mind that I haven’t read much more than the first few chapters of the book so far, but even still I knew that a sequel made sense! I brushed off their stupidity and eagerly awaited Chapter Two.

Oh and I was NOT disappointed.

If you love a Stephen King adaptation, you will not be disappointed either. Every member of the cast is brilliant, the adult versions of the characters were spot on to the kids. As for the actors playing the kids… where do they get their talent?! Don’t be fooled in to thinking that the film is JUST about the adults. There is a lot of flashbacks, as the “Losers” try to remember what really happened in Derry 27 years ago, so it does all make for a very long film. However, it is all seamlessly tied together.

The star cast member to me, of course, is Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise. I am not afraid of clowns and while I also wouldn’t say the film “scared” me, his perfomance is haunting. There is in one particular scene in Chapter Two, at the fairground, that literally made me wince and I really felt the fear of a child being preyed on by ‘IT’.

That’s the thing, I can understand that the scares are a bit goofy, especially in the first film, but isn’t it the point that ‘IT’ is trying to scare children? So it’s not going to be scary to an adult! However, now that we are back in Derry 27 years later, this film is much darker and bloodier, and definitely a bit weirder as we learn more about the origins of ‘IT’.

The film certainly takes a bit of an odd twist towards the end, and I’m sure this is where they could have cut some time. I hadn’t actually checked the run-time beforehand so the length was a little surprising, and I would say this is probably the downside of the film – I found myself wondering when and how it would all finish. Make sure you grab a snack before you go and see it!

The film does eventually end though and after all the trauma that the characters have been through, it finishes with a heartwarming farewell. No spoilers though, you need to go and see it for yourself!

I’m going to rate the film a 4/5 for now, but I may change my mind after a second watch! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and finish the book – I’m ready to get even more disturbed!

13 thoughts on “Film Review – IT: Chapter Two

  1. I enjoyed “It: Chapter Two” a lot. I didn’t see the first film but that didn’t make my experience worse. I thought it was very intense. Do you think they did a good job explaing what “It” is? His magic and why he came back 27 years later? Also are you going to do a follow up post that discusses the movie more (including spoilers)?


    1. Yea I think it’s one of those where you don’t need to have seen the first one to enjoy it, which is good! I think they explained it really well, although I’ll be interested to read how it’s explained in the book… I was thinking once I finally read it then I’ll do another post to follow up and compare! 🙂


  2. I haven’t seen either of the new IT films as I have a pretty strong phobia of clowns … but I am a fan of this genre of film and of King so I am pulled towards seeing the films. I watched the old film with Tim Curry many years ago and thought as I was a huge fan of Curry I’d get over my clown phobia — I didn’t help, haha! As I know what to expect, I may be able to get through it — thanks for the review!


    1. You should definitely check it out if you’re in to the genre for sure! The first one you definitely see Pennywise a bit more so just a heads up, but honestly they’re both so good so you don’t wanna miss out 🙂


  3. I’m actually not a huge fan of the horror genre, but you are really selling this movie! I’ve actually considered watching it because James McAvoy is in the film, and I love James McAvoy! 😂


      1. 😂😂 That’s good! Then I still get to see lots of him! And yes, anything is good! His acting is amazing and don’t get me started on how cute he is! 😂


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